How Do We Get Better at Pitching?

A question I asked myself after my first year of professional baseball.  How in the world can I get better?  For years I felt like I had an idea about hard work, but soon I learned there was a lot more to it.  Don’t get me wrong, I put a lot of work into bettering myself, but I came to the realization that training the right way is just as important as training hard.

  • I definitely didn’t have all the answers (still don’t), but I started to look at pitching in a different way.  What are the things that make me better, and how can I get better at each of them?  I broke it down into 4 key areas:
  1. Mechanics
  2. Strength and Conditioning
  3. Nutrition
  4. Mental Game

Now that I had a general plan, the goals became easier to achieve:  get better at each of these 4 aspects that affect how well I throw a baseball to a catcher’s mitt.  Here’s a quick take on what makes each of these 4 things important, and in later blogs we’ll get into more details:

  1. Mechanics
    1. Creating a powerful delivery
    2. Creating a repeatable delivery
    3. Using your entire body to throw the baseball
      hard, to a spot
  2. Conditioning
    1. Strength and Explosiveness helps throw harder
    2. General conditioning helps recovery
    3. Need to Stay Healthy!
  3. Nutrition
    1. Conditioning is useless without proper nutrition
    2. Better energy when on the mound, always feeling
      like you’re at peak performance
  4. Mental Game
    1. Yogi Berra: “Half of this game is 90%
      mental.”  What?  You know it’s true
    2. Confidence is key
    3. Pitching is about defeating hitters, a strong mental
      approach is vital

These are the 4 main components of what I call the “Pitching Performance Puzzle.”  Start getting better at each piece and the puzzle will begin to take shape!

Have any questions or comments about pitching?  Looking for pitching instruction?  Feel free to email Steve at

Throwing a warm up pitch in Fresno


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